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Snældan Yarn – coloured

Colours of Snældan
Strong and vibrant colours.
This is nappað tógv which means the coarse outer hairs of the sheep’s fleece have been pulled of, so the wool is very soft.
All coloured Snældan hanks are 50 grams.

  • 1 ply yarn, lace weight, this is super fine and used for fine lace projects like shawls and baby clothes, is also suitable for underwear  (only available in white for now).
  • 2 ply yarn, fingering weight, is perfect for baby clothes, Faroese shawls, gloves, jerseys and jackets. Can be used for knitting machines with 200 needles.
  • 3 ply yarn, dk or sport weight, is for sweaters, mittens, jackets, socks etc. Can be used for knitting machines with 150 needles.
  • 5 ply worsted weight, is for sweaters, jackets.
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