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All the Colours of yarn

It’s somewhat embarrassing. For unknown reasons, the photos of yarn are giving me a hard time here on the homepage.  Although they are here, most of them refuse to show.

Sorry about this. I have a lot of photos of yarn on my Flickr page, so please, take a look there.

Follow this link to a set on Flickr with Sirri Yarn


Follow this link to a set on Flickr with Snældan Yarn




Christmas Decoration

How to make a red and golden heart and find use for some of your left over yarn.

Gold cardboard

Draw a heart after the template. Cut out the heart and cut little notches in the side. Fasten the yarn with a piece of tape and wind the yarn around the heart as shown in the photos. Cut the yarn, hide the end under the windings, and you’re done.


Multi coloured C106