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Tension for Snældan 5-ply

The yarn is Snældan 5-ply, and the colour is Silver Gray 2.

Knitted on 6 mm needles.
10×10 cm is 13.5 stiches and 18 rows.

Knitted on 8 mm needles.
10×10 cm is 12.5 stiches and 16 rows.

All the Colours of yarn

It’s somewhat embarrassing. For unknown reasons, the photos of yarn are giving me a hard time here on the homepage.  Although they are here, most of them refuse to show.

Sorry about this. I have a lot of photos of yarn on my Flickr page, so please, take a look there.

Follow this link to a set on Flickr with Sirri Yarn


Follow this link to a set on Flickr with Snældan Yarn




Christmas Decoration

How to make a red and golden heart and find use for some of your left over yarn.

Gold cardboard

Draw a heart after the template. Cut out the heart and cut little notches in the side. Fasten the yarn with a piece of tape and wind the yarn around the heart as shown in the photos. Cut the yarn, hide the end under the windings, and you’re done.


The five colours of undyed 3-ply Sirri

This is usually used for outdoor wind drying of fish, which is a tradition in the Faroe Islands, but it worked fine to show of the yarns as well.

Undyed White, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Light Brown and Dark brown

Multi coloured C106

Pictures – pictures

I have been taking lots of pictures of yarn, so for the next days they will hopefully show in the shop.

I am working on it.

Multi coloured Yarn

A nice pile of Sirri’s multi coloured yarn