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Photos from last week

The Spinning Mill at Sandá (Spinnaríið við Sandá) the former spinning mill, and it’s placed right over the stream Sandá. Today it functions as a furniture store.

From a little road trip outside Tórshavn. We were driving on the road Oyggjavegur over the mountain from Tórshavn, and this is where you turn of for Norðradalur.

Back in Tórshavn. This small colourfull kiosk is located in the pedestrian zone between the House of Government (Tinghúsið) and City Hall (Ráðhúsið).
Asta, who is in her 80s, is about ready to open for the day.


Early Spring

Early morning in February. It’s just before 9 am, so the light is coming back fast.

While the rest of Europe is experiencing snow and ice, we are having fairly warm weather, and the crocusses are everywhere in down town Tórshavn.

The Fish Market in Tórshavn on Bryggjubakki.
And notice the dog under the “No dogs allowed” sign ;)



A Hike in January

After all the storms in December and January we finally had a day where the sun was shining.

So we went for a hike to the cairns called Kongavarðar.

Lots of crunchy ice on the way.

I don’t usually flash photos of myself, but this one has such a beautiful background.

December Photos

An old waggon with firewood in Bringsnagøta, the Christmas Street in Tórshavn.

Inside the old shop Katrina Christiansen in Bringsnagøta. This is from the kitchen with two old stoves.

An old cash register.

More snow in the Christmas Street

Two girls sledding on their stomachs in garbage bags. You just cut some holes in a big bag, and you are ready to go sledding.

The old rectory in Sandágerði. The hospital priest lives here with his family.

And the last picture of today: Two women going for a dip in the cold water. The best tip against winter depression in this very dark time of year. The photo was taken at 10.30 am.

Bringsnagøta is getting ready for Christmas

Bringsnagøta in the old part of Tórshavn has been decorated for Christmas in old style, and the old shops in the street are open every day.
As if planned, it started snowing on the 1st day of December.

This house is Pæsastova, one of the oldest houses in Tórshavn.

Reyngøta, taken from Bringsnagøta.

Sheep in Bringsnagøta. They are part of the Christmas street experience, so they are only here in December.

Bartskerstova with the old shop Katrina Christiansen in Bringsnagøta. The house where the author William Heinesen was born in 1900.

This is how it looks in the dark – very romantic. And someone actually live in this very small wooden house.



Tórshavn in Fog

The sun was shining beatifully this morning, but then suddenly everything was covered in fog.

Luckily, todays work included a trip by car over the mountain, and as soon as we got outside Tórshavn the sun was back, and we could look down on the capital which looked like it was wrapped in  cotton.

This is a very common weather phenomena in Tórshavn during the summer time. In Faroese it’s called “pollamjørki”.

And this is where todays trip was taking us: Mjørkadalur with a view over Kaldbaksfjørður.

The Old Town

The Festilval for Saint Olav is just around the corner, and people are working hard to get everything ready for the big day.
This is one of the old houses in the part of  Tórshavn called á Reyni.
After a very cloudy July the sun has finally arrived and everybody is outside.

Most of the old houses  have names. This one with the beautiful red door is Skrivarastova.

Cruise to the Faroe Islands

Hello all of you nice people who are going to visit Tórshavn this summer.

I get  e-mails from people wanting advice on what to see in Tórshavn when they arrive. Especially they want to know, where to visit if you are interested in knitting and want to buy yarn or wool.

In Tórshavn there are a few shops, you must see. All of them are in the town centre, and they are:

Sirri, Áarvegur 12, close to the harbour, Sirri yarn and Sirri’s own designs.

Guðrun & Guðrun, Niels Finsens gøta 13, the famous Faroese designers. Their shop is located in the pedestrian zone .

Snældan, Niels Finsens gøta 25, Snældan yarn and Snældan’s own designs.

TINAMIK, Niels Finsens gøta 35,  is the shop of the Faroese Handcraft Association. You will find both traditional and modern knitted items.

Navia, a brand new shop in the shopping center SMS.

If you want to know more, you can also contact the Tourist Information in Tórshavn

The cruise ship in the photo is Marina with the old catholic church in the front.


Seagulls are a part of the Faroese summer. One of my neighbours feed them, and here they are fighting over a piece of bread, which one of them has lost on the roof.
I heard them make a noise outside, and took a photo through the window.

Daffodils on the Grass Roof

Spring has arrived as this photo proves. Daffodils are growing happily on the grass roof.
The daughter of the house told me, that they had bought daffodils, and when they had finished flowering, they just threw the bulbs up on the roof. Next year the daffodils grew back.