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Two Magical Hours in Tórshavn

The total solar eclipse was at 9.42 am, and Skansin in Tórshavn was the perfect place to be. It was cloudy, but the clouds parted just at the right moment when the moon covered the sun. Pure magic.

Here everybody is just hoping for the clouds to part so we can get a clear view of the sun.
9.13 am


The ferry Norrøna is in the harbour in the background.
9.23 am

I was much to caught up in the experience to get anything useful on my camera during the two minutes of darkness, but I think it was genious of Hamferð to shoot this live music video during the eclipse.

The sun is returning and the clouds have parted
9.57 am

10.07 am

Skansin was a good choice. Seems to bee cloudy in the background.

And then I just love this video of how chickens react to the eclipse.





Our Beach in Tórshavn

We have cleaned up the Sandagerði beach.

It is the annual environmental week in Tórshavn in which the organizers encourage that we form groups and clean up around the city. We volunteered for the beach where we swim all year. Okay, in the winter it is more of a dip than a swim.

Almost finished.


It is getting darker.

But not too dark for a swim – the perfect ending.



Saint Olav’s Festival

My festival was very quite this year. I was interviewed for Yarn Market News, so maybe I can be found in one of their magazines in the near future. We talked mostly about knitting clubs in the Faroe Islands versus in the USA, which are totally different things. Very interesting, and I learned why i sometimes get e-mails from Americans saying something like: Hi, I will be in Tórshavn for the July 5 and 6. Are there any knitting clubs I can join?
And I am just totally puzzled, because you can’t just join a knitting club in Tórshavn. They are private. It’s a group of friends, colleagues or neighbors, so if you are lucky, you can get invited, but only if you know someone.

Photos from the festival.
Three beautiful girls

and a mother and daughter

The Sundial in Tinganes

This is the famous Sundial in Tinganes, said to be from the viking age. It has always been called the Sundial, but not so many years ago, historics found that it wasn’t a sundial but a compass rose
In the photo Oyvør is trying to find the time, and we thought it worked just fine and showed us 6.45 pm.
The compass rose is divided into 32 parts with a cross in the middle, and the round-shaped thingy is pointing north. It probably dates from 1569, which is carved right beside where the indicator for south is. Compass roses very much like this one have been found in Norway, Sweden and Finland.


I am on holiday. Not so far from home though, so orders will be sent as usual.
For 10 days I’m a house/dog sitter for a friend in the outskirts of Tórshavn, and this is the fantastic view from the house.

Nikki is a 12 year old Labrador German Shepherd mix. He’s a really clever and sweet dog, so not much hard work in taking care of him.

Kayaks in the water.