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Almost finished the knitting part

The pattern for this sweater is from the book Knitting with Icelandic Wool. It is called Æði.

Instead of the yarn in the pattern, I use Sirri  3-ply Blue C16, White and Light Gray.
I am knitting size XS on needles 8 mm, since it has 109 stitches, and I know this should fit me (Size M) in Sirri yarn. And then size L for the length of sleeves and body.

Trying to Strike a Pose like Sarah Lund

This sweater is knitted using Sirri 3-ply Dark Brown and Light Brown on needles size 8. It’s a size medium so there are 105 stitches for the body and 30 for the sleeves.
To add extra length there are 13 rows (instead of 10) of the main colour between the rows with stars and hour glasses. 


The Killing

 I have received a few letters this last week asking questions about the sweater with stars, Sarah Lund is wearing in the Danish TV-series Forbrydelsen/The Killing, which is now shown in the UK on BBC4.
This particular sweater is designed by Guðrun & Guðrun, and it’s based on the traditional Faroese sweater where the star, as in the other Nordic countries, is often used. Guðrun & Guðrun interpreted the traditional pattern and made it smart, super cool and up to date. When the TV-series was shown in Denmark, the traditional Faroese sweater was suddenly back in fashion, and we saw pictures of it everywhere.  Danish supermodel Helena Christensen was also spotted in it.

 If you want to knit your own traditional sweater, this is what you need:
Sirri yarn 3-ply undyed White and Dark Brown,  approximately 400 grams. Needle size 8 mm.
Knit the sweater to fit very tight, since the Sirri wool will stretch when you wear it.

Here is a link to show The Star.

Article in The Guardian:
Sarah Lund’s Danish Jumper is the surprise star of BBC4’s The Killing.