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A Hike in January

After all the storms in December and January we finally had a day where the sun was shining.

So we went for a hike to the cairns called Kongavarðar.

Lots of crunchy ice on the way.

I don’t usually flash photos of myself, but this one has such a beautiful background.


Kongavarðar are three big stone cairns. You can see them from Tórshavn, and when you get up there you have the most beautiful view of the city.
I am longing for the days to get lighter now. The photos were taken at dinner time, and the flash went off.

The story about the cairns is, that in 1874 The Danish king was coming for his first visit to the Faroe Islands. Some men went up on the mountain from where they could see the boat arrive. They waited for a very long time and to pass time they build the three stone cairns.
Kongavarðar means King Cairns or King’s Cairns.