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Which colour would match best with Teal C8?

This very difficult question I received in my mail today, and I know it’s very difficult to match colours when you just have photos to look at.
So now I am asking all of you, when picking two colours ,which colour  would you choose with Teal?
I have some photos to help, taken in daylight by my window, no artificial light. I know  they look different on different computers, and the best way to match colours is, if you can watch them in real life in daylight, but let us give it a try.
Teal C8 is placed in the middle on every photo.

3 – C8 – C4


6 – C8 – C5

10 – C8 – C9

13 – C8 – C12

16 – C8 – C7

C18 – C8 – C15

Two Knitted Hats

My daughter has knitted two hats, and I think they turned out so well, that they deserve to be on the blog.
The first one is from an old Fair Isle pattern. It is available for free at Kathleen Taylor’s Dakota Dreams The yarn used is 2-ply Sirri.

The other one is striped. The yarn used is 2-ply Sirri except for the yellow and green. The pattern is from a Danish book Hattedamer by Annette Danielsen.