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Sirri Fashion Show November 2013

I have been to Sirri’s fashion show, and I think my favourite is the black see through dress.

Chrocheting Hexagons

Seven red, chrocheted hexagons.

Yarn is Sirri 2-ply, and the colours are C12, C15 and C106.

And I used this Hexagon How-to. The hexagons are joined as you go, which is new to me. I usually make a whole bunch of granny squares and then spend days laying them out in different patterns planning how to join them.

The Winner

Today I finished the shawl. Yes, most of you guessed right, I was knitting a Faroese shawl.

16 comments came in, so I wrote the numbers 1 to 16 on a paper, cut them out and placed them in a small bowl. Mixed well, covered my eyes and pulled… nr. 3.

Congratulations to Janicke Leckang, you have won the yarn.

Please, send your address to hanne@faroeknitting.com.

And here is the shawl. I will have to knit one more very soon while I still remember how to do it. I used the pattern in the book 215 Shawl Designs by Olivia Joensen. It has the basic shawl pattern in Faroese, Danish and English, but the book is sold out. We are so lucky as to have two copies at the library where I work.

At this point point in the process I almost gave up. there are so many stitches and I kept making mistakes in the lace pattern. Here I am trying to get an overview by using two circular needles.
The yarn is Sirri 2-ply, and the colour is C2

C102 is back in stock

Multicolour C102 is 2-ply and in 200 gram hanks.



What am I knitting here?

A little yarn give away for the followers of my blog.
The winner will be picked at random between those of you who answer the following question in the comment section below:
What am I knitting here?
Also tell me which colour from Sirri you choose should you be the lucky one. See the colours further down in this post or find better photos on Flickr.
There are no wrong answers, so everybody has a chance. The giveaway is open until I have finished the project, and let me just tell you it has been unravelled more than once.

The winner will get two skeins of  Sirri 2-ply as well as the pattern for this set.  Two skeins are just how much you need to knit the hat and scarf.
The colour in the photo is C16.



Trying to Strike a Pose like Sarah Lund

This sweater is knitted using Sirri 3-ply Dark Brown and Light Brown on needles size 8. It’s a size medium so there are 105 stitches for the body and 30 for the sleeves.
To add extra length there are 13 rows (instead of 10) of the main colour between the rows with stars and hour glasses. 


Blue Scarf and Hat

Try out this easy pattern.

You need 200 g Sirri 2-ply C16 and 40 cm circular needles size 3 mm and 6 mm.
The pattern is written in both an English and a Danish version.

Download pattern now

Sirri 3-ply Dark Blue C2

Sirri 3-ply Dark Blue C2 is back in stock. So now you can order the yarn for your blue sweater with light gray stars :)

Cat Face Mittens

Mitten and Kitten

The pattern is both written and with charts in colours. Included is a photo tutorial to show beginners how to make the thumb. No yarn included. Adult size. The mittens are inspired by an old Faroese pattern called Kettunøsin (the cat nose)
Buy the pattern on Ravelry now
Prize. 20.00 DKK
About $3.56 or €2.68

New Colours in Sirri 3-ply

Autumn Green C22

Curry C24

Burnt Orange C25