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Summer is Here

May was very cold, but now it feels like summer is finally here. I have been on a few trips and sheep are always funny. When they are shedding they look hilarious.


You find their wool all over the place.

It is hard to see where one lamb ends and the next begins.
Spot the lambs

This is from a hike where we had a great view over Skálafjørður.

The first km took us almost an hour, but from there on the rest was easy.

Sailing between islands. Passing the old smack called Westward Ho.

Passing Westward Ho

Just caught this tourist in her new hat with lambs all around it. We are on Koltur looking at the island Hestoy.
Hat with lambs

The chickens on Koltur have their own historical henhouse. I don’t know how old this building is, but there have been found remains of a fireplace in Koltur from around year 800. We call this period of the first settlements “landnám”.
The henhouse on Koltur

Hiking to Reynsatindur

Vágar Airport in Sørvágur, the only airport in Faroe Islands.

We walked to Reynsatindur and Jógvansfjall on Vágar. Highest peak is 676 m.


Here in June there are so many flowers in the mountains.

Vágar is known for its many horses.

And since it’s getting warmer the sheep are throwing their wool everywhere. It is normal for them to shed the wool.

Another First

Now I have been to Svínoy for the first time. We climbed two out of Svínoys 7 mountains, Keldufjall and Eysturhøvdið.
Here is Elin on top of Keldufjall, and she has knitted an orange sweater following my pattern for Purple Sweater, which I am quite exited about.

For our lunch break we had very traditional Faroese food, skerpikjøt on rye bread, yummi :)

Outhouses with grass roofs.

Cattle grid and sheep on the way back to the ferry.

Those Faroese Sheep

I take so many pictures of sheep. I cant’t help it, I just find them so funny and charming.
Here are today’s shots:
The Black sheep with the little white hat.

The white sheep with strange, crooked horns.

The three sheep posing together.

And the little white sheep crossing the road right in front of our car.

Bringsnagøta is getting ready for Christmas

Bringsnagøta in the old part of Tórshavn has been decorated for Christmas in old style, and the old shops in the street are open every day.
As if planned, it started snowing on the 1st day of December.

This house is Pæsastova, one of the oldest houses in Tórshavn.

Reyngøta, taken from Bringsnagøta.

Sheep in Bringsnagøta. They are part of the Christmas street experience, so they are only here in December.

Bartskerstova with the old shop Katrina Christiansen in Bringsnagøta. The house where the author William Heinesen was born in 1900.

This is how it looks in the dark – very romantic. And someone actually live in this very small wooden house.