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Double Yarn Hat

An easy pattern for a one skein project. All you have to know is cast on, knit, purl and how to knit 2 stitches together through the back loops.


Yarn: 100 gram 5-ply Snældan (Yardage is about 150 cm)

Rabbit fur pom-pom.

Circular needle size 6 mm.

One size. Height 20 cm. Circumference 48 cm.

Gauge: 11 sts in rib, k1p1 = 10 cm.

Abbreviations: knit = K, purl = P, stitches = sts, continue = cont, knit 2 stitches together through the back loops = k2togtbl.

CO 48 sts using double 5-ply Snældan. Join in the round.

K1p1 for 9 rounds.
Knit 2 rounds.
Purl 2 rounds.
Repeat those 4 rounds 4 more times.
Knit one round.

Decrease like this:

K6, k2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.
K5, k2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.
K4, k2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.
K3, k2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.
K2, k2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.
K1, k2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.
K2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.

Cut the yarn leaving a tail long enough to sew it well. Pull the tail through the remaining 6 sts and pull it through to the wrong side.
Sew in the ends well.

Sew the rabbit fur pom-pom to the top of the hat.

After Swimming

After swimming in Faroe Islands you need your woolen underwear, so here is a free pattern for a vest to keep you warm.

Size: Small (Medium) and Large-X-Large
150 g 2 ply undyed yarn from Snældan.
Circular needle size 5 mm and crochet hook size 5 mm.

Abbreviations: knit = K, purl = P, stitches = sts, continue = cont


Cast on 100 (120) 140 stitches on circular needles and knit in the round. Work 55 (60) 65 cm ribbing K2, P2.

Cast off 4 sts, work in rib 46 (56) 66 sts, cast off 4 sts, work in rib 46 (56) 66 sts.
Now you have the front, the back and two armholes.


Work 6 cm rib.
Work 16 sts as they show in rib. Cast off for neck  14 (24) 34 sts, work in rib 16 sts. Finish each shoulder separately. On the third row cast off 1 more stitch towards the neck. When the armhole is 20 cm place the sts on a stitch holder.  Finish the other shoulder in the same way.


Work 18 cm rib.
Finish each shoulder separately like you did on the front.

From the wrong side knit the shoulders together using the three needle bind off method.

Crochet around the neck. Sew in the ends.

Now you are ready for a cold swim!

Protection for my Kindle

Yarn: 3 ply snældan in the natural grey colours 2,3,4,5 and 9.
Circular needles 2.5 mm and 3 mm
Gauge: 10 cm = 25 sts.
Finished size: 13 x 20 cm.
Abbreviations: knit = K, purl = P, stitches = sts, decrease = DEC.

Using Colour 5 cast on 64 sts on circular needle size 3 mm and join in the round to work circular.
Knit in rounds according to the chart.
When the chart is finished, change to circular needle size 2.5 mm and work 6 rounds of rib K1 P1. On the first round DEC evenly to 60 sts.
Cast off (K over K and P over P).
Sew in ends and turning the wrong side out sew up the bottom.


and continue to work in rounds on circular needles

Cat Face Mittens

Mitten and Kitten

The pattern is both written and with charts in colours. Included is a photo tutorial to show beginners how to make the thumb. No yarn included. Adult size. The mittens are inspired by an old Faroese pattern called Kettunøsin (the cat nose)
Buy the pattern on Ravelry now
Prize. 20.00 DKK
About $3.56 or €2.68

Two Patterns for Faroese Shawls

Folk Shawls: 25 knitting patterns and tales from around the world (Folk Knitting series) by Cheryl Oberle.

This book has two Faroese shawl patterns, a small shawl and a big one, which are named after the two islands Líttla (little) Dímun and Stóra (big) Dímun.
In the book there is also a tale of how the Faroe Islands got their name, which I have never heard of before. It goes “Norwegian sailors sailed past the islands and saw creatures flying in the mist. They thought they were fairies, and therefore the name, Faroe Islands.”
The Faroese name for Faroe Islands is Føroyar, where the last part “oyar” means islands. First part “Før” is said to originate from the old Norse word fæ/fae, which means cattle or small cattle. This should be due to all the sheep everywhere, brought to the islands by the first settlers, Irish monks in the 6th century.
But anyways, if you are looking for a a pattern in English for a Faroese shawl, this book is an option.

Purple Sweater

Size: (Extra Small/Small )Medium/Large.

(300) 400 g 3 ply Purple Sirri  yarn, C10,
Circular needle size 7 mm.
Stitch markers.

Gauge: 10 cm = 13 sts

Abbreviations: knit = K, purl = P, stitches = sts, continue = cont,  increase = INC, decrease = DEC,  beginning = BEG, knit 2 together through the back loops = k2tog tbl, knit 2 together = k2tog,  Double Pointed Needles = DPN, S1 K1 PSSO = SKP, slip = S, pass the slipped stitch over = PSSO.

IMPORTANT: You need to be familiar with the magic loop method to knit this sweater, alternatively, when the pattern states magic loop is needed, you can work in the round on DPNs.


Cast on (90) 120 sts on circular needle size 7 mm and join in the round to work circular.
Work 3 rounds of rib K1, P1.
Inc evenly to (94) 122 sts on the next row.
Using stitch markers split the work up by inserting a stitch marker at the beginning of the row, now work (47) 61 sts and insert another marker.
Cont in rib until you have (42) 45 cm.
Armhole: Cast off 6 sts under each arm (3 on each side of the stitch markers).
Now rest this piece.


Cast on (34) 38 sts on circular needle size 7 mm and join in the round – magic loop.
Work in rib K1 P1 until you have (45) 48 cm.
Cast off 6 sts under each arm.
Knit another sleeve in the same way.

Join for raglan

Now join the sleeves and body as follows:
Using circular needle size 7 mm  and working in rib knit a row on one sleeve, now take the resting body piece and work the sts from the front of the body, then work the second sleeve, and finish of working the back of the body.
You have now joined all the stitches on one needle and you are ready to continue working the raglan.
Place 4 stitch markers where the four parts are joined (i.e. one at the beg and end of each sleeve). Ensure to use a marker in a different colour to indicate where the row starts. (The beg of the row is behind the left sleeve).
The stitch markers are placed where you are supposed to decrease for raglan.

Dec for raglan on every third row as follows:
Work 3 sts on each side of the stitch marker (6 sts in total) as follows: k2tog, k2, SKP.

Cont raglan decreases until you have worked 22 cm.


Knit one round where you dec evenly to 64 sts.
Work rib k1 p1 for 10 rounds.
Cast off (K over K and P over P).
Fold the neck in half  to the inside and stitch edge to inside.
Sew in ends and sew the gaps under the arms together neatly.

Press the sweater under a wet towel using a hot iron.