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Faroese Horses

The Faroese Horse is related to the Icelandic Horse, and they are both again related to the North Norwegian Mountain Horse, which is probably the ancestor of both breeds.

The Faroese Horse has 5 gaits, the three usual: walk, trot and canter/gallop, and in addition to those: tølt, the well known very smooth and comfortable gait, and then there is”flying pace”, which is very fast and used for racing over short distances .

The Faroese Horse was very close to be extinguished in the 1960’s. Today there are still under a 100 left, but it’s a recognized breed, and enthusiastic people are working hard to ensure the breed’s survival.

Here you can see a list and pictures of registered Faroese Horses. If you click on the picture of the horse, you find more photos showing how they look in summer and winter, and information of ownership, colour and pedigree.