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Another First

Now I have been to Svínoy for the first time. We climbed two out of Svínoys 7 mountains, Keldufjall and Eysturhøvdið.
Here is Elin on top of Keldufjall, and she has knitted an orange sweater following my pattern for Purple Sweater, which I am quite exited about.

For our lunch break we had very traditional Faroese food, skerpikjøt on rye bread, yummi :)

Outhouses with grass roofs.

Cattle grid and sheep on the way back to the ferry.

Trip to Tindhólmur

Drangarnir and Tindhólmur with the five peaks.

I think some of the others called this “Júgurið”, the udder.

The guide was telling us something about mosquito larvae in the water.

Climbing down the headland.

Crawling under the headland

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

This is where we climbed down on the opposite side and crawled under. You can see the last ones coming through the hole.

The very salty water was about 13 degrees celsius. Almost everybody went for a swim.

We are walking on a very narrow path here and I was trying hard not to look down.

Proud women at the end of the path.

… and very proud me :)

Read the legend about the eagle that snatched a child on Tindhólmur.

Find many more photos from this trip on a set on Flickr




Toftavatn in April

The lake Toftavatn is in Runavík on Eysturoy.
A walk around the lake takes about an hour. It is an easy walk since there is a new path all the way around.
The whole area around the lake is covered in heather so we agreed to come back for another walk in August when the heather blooms.

The path crosses a bridge so we didn’t actually go all the way around the lake. Our guide told us that in the old days they carried turf  home and crossed stepping stones where the bridge is today. So the bridge is made by the people who lived a worked in Runavík.

One more shot of the bridge from the other side.

Those Faroese Sheep

I take so many pictures of sheep. I cant’t help it, I just find them so funny and charming.
Here are today’s shots:
The Black sheep with the little white hat.

The white sheep with strange, crooked horns.

The three sheep posing together.

And the little white sheep crossing the road right in front of our car.

A Hiking Trip to Stórareyn

Today I went hiking with friends and their two dogs. We went hiking to Stórareyn, which is a fairly easy trip.
The picture below is of the two Faroese sheepdogs, Raska and Baldur, enjoying our break. They are some of the most well behaved dogs I have ever met, though the first time I saw them, I got a bit scared, as they are smiling dogs. They really show their teeth in a big smile when they are happy. I have tried to catch a photo of them smiling, but with no success yet.

Walking towards Skælingsfjall.

The view all the way to the ocean.

The Sundial in Tinganes

This is the famous Sundial in Tinganes, said to be from the viking age. It has always been called the Sundial, but not so many years ago, historics found that it wasn’t a sundial but a compass rose
In the photo Oyvør is trying to find the time, and we thought it worked just fine and showed us 6.45 pm.
The compass rose is divided into 32 parts with a cross in the middle, and the round-shaped thingy is pointing north. It probably dates from 1569, which is carved right beside where the indicator for south is. Compass roses very much like this one have been found in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The Skansin Lighthouse in Tórshavn

Blue sky over the lighthouse, which is placed at the old fortress Skansin right next to the port in Tórshavn.


I am on holiday. Not so far from home though, so orders will be sent as usual.
For 10 days I’m a house/dog sitter for a friend in the outskirts of Tórshavn, and this is the fantastic view from the house.

Nikki is a 12 year old Labrador German Shepherd mix. He’s a really clever and sweet dog, so not much hard work in taking care of him.

Kayaks in the water.


December Photos

An old waggon with firewood in Bringsnagøta, the Christmas Street in Tórshavn.

Inside the old shop Katrina Christiansen in Bringsnagøta. This is from the kitchen with two old stoves.

An old cash register.

More snow in the Christmas Street

Two girls sledding on their stomachs in garbage bags. You just cut some holes in a big bag, and you are ready to go sledding.

The old rectory in Sandágerði. The hospital priest lives here with his family.

And the last picture of today: Two women going for a dip in the cold water. The best tip against winter depression in this very dark time of year. The photo was taken at 10.30 am.

Before the Rain

The weather forecast promises rain and storm, and this is what it looked like yesterday just before the rain set in. Some pretty impressive clouds.

The photo is of Argir. The big dark building at the top is the brand new school: Skúlin á Argjahamri.
The old school is the long building to the right of the church.