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Yellow Lichens

One of my plans for future projects is to dye my own yarn. I have never tried it before, but I know you can dye with lichen, so when I saw this stone I couldn’t help wondering which colour the yarn would get, if you used the lichen for dye.


Has anyone tried to dye with lichen? Which colour did you get? Is it very tricky? Please let me know :)

I suspect it is much easier to dye with plants, but one thing is for sure: It is very practical that the yarns from Snældan and Sirri are in hanks if you want to experiment with dyeing.

This is the area where i found the stones in the northern end of the island Nólsoy.

Northern end of the island Nólsoy

This is what Nólsoy looked like from Tórshavn this morning, when the sun was rising.
I have bought a house in Nólsoy, so very soon Faroe Knitting will move to this very special place.
If you are following me on instagram and have been wondering, why I am in Nólsoy most of the time, this is why :)

Nólsoy in sunrise

One more from Nólsoy a summerday in July.




Visiting Puffin Land on Mykines

We spent the day on Mykines, the best island for puffin watching.
Not far from Mykines village, you meet the first puffins.

View of the village.

And here comes the fun part. It’s pretty steep, so don’t go if you are afraid of hights.


All the holes are puffin’s nests, and the puffins are everywhere. It’s called Lundaland, which I would translate to Puffin Land, but the dictionary says: Lundaland: [(steep) grass-grown area facing the sea which puffins inhabit; nesting site].

To get to Mykineshólmur where the lighthouse (our goal) is situated, you have to cross the Atlantic Bridge.



And we have reached the lighthouse.


Resting. Notice the puffins :-)

Back in the village, there is plenty of time before the boat comes back, so here is a view from the other side.

And more puffins, just because they are adorable.

Lots of information about Mykines on this site: Mykines.info.
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Snowy Hike

Photos from today’s hike from Vestmanna to Kvívík.


Sun, snow and calm, what more can you ask for?


Hare tracks in the snow.

Hare tracks in the snow

This hike was arranged by The Hiking Association in Tórshavn, where I am a member.

Every other Sunday in the winter months, and every Sunday in the summer, they arrange tours around the islands.


And now I feel tired and happy.


Maybe I should knit something.

Walking and Walking

I am a member of a Facebook group where we challenge our selves to walk or run a certain number of kilometres every months. We are from all over the world, so we also post photos from our daily walks around our home places. Here are a handful of mine taken in Tórshavn.

Midnight bonfire in June in Sandagerði, the small beach in Tórshavn.

Also taken late in the evening. The small cottage in mid Tórshavn where the author and artist William Heinesen did his works.


The Danish training ship Georg Stage at harbour in Tórshavn on a very misty day.


On the same day I met this ram in the fog.


Very close to where I live in the old part of Tórshavn. It is tradition to paint your front door in a vivid colour.


Walking past Mest Shipyard, where the contrast between the big trawler Jupiter on the left in the photo and the very small boat on the right, was striking.



Summer is Here

May was very cold, but now it feels like summer is finally here. I have been on a few trips and sheep are always funny. When they are shedding they look hilarious.


You find their wool all over the place.

It is hard to see where one lamb ends and the next begins.
Spot the lambs

This is from a hike where we had a great view over Skálafjørður.

The first km took us almost an hour, but from there on the rest was easy.

Sailing between islands. Passing the old smack called Westward Ho.

Passing Westward Ho

Just caught this tourist in her new hat with lambs all around it. We are on Koltur looking at the island Hestoy.
Hat with lambs

The chickens on Koltur have their own historical henhouse. I don’t know how old this building is, but there have been found remains of a fireplace in Koltur from around year 800. We call this period of the first settlements “landnám”.
The henhouse on Koltur

Two Magical Hours in Tórshavn

The total solar eclipse was at 9.42 am, and Skansin in Tórshavn was the perfect place to be. It was cloudy, but the clouds parted just at the right moment when the moon covered the sun. Pure magic.

Here everybody is just hoping for the clouds to part so we can get a clear view of the sun.
9.13 am


The ferry Norrøna is in the harbour in the background.
9.23 am

I was much to caught up in the experience to get anything useful on my camera during the two minutes of darkness, but I think it was genious of Hamferð to shoot this live music video during the eclipse.

The sun is returning and the clouds have parted
9.57 am

10.07 am

Skansin was a good choice. Seems to bee cloudy in the background.

And then I just love this video of how chickens react to the eclipse.





Not Much Snow in Tórshavn

But if you go for a little drive, you will find plenty of snow. We went to see how the weather was in the mountains.
All these people had had the same idea and had brought sleds with them. Now why didn’t we think of that?

The sun is almost coming through the clouds. It is Koltur on the right. If you follow the road further ahead, you get to Noðradalur.


Really nice to get out of town and get some light.



Usually when you visit Saksun it’s all about the valley, the church and the old farm. However, on our trip to Saksun, we instead went for a hike about 10 km to Svartá, Magnusarrók and Lógvin.
This was a hike arranged by Visit Tórshavn, The Hiking Association. Almost every Sunday all year round there are hikes.
We went by bus to Saksun, and in this picture we have just left the village.

Very, very steep. I think this must be Lógvin

And again those angry birds where trying to make us leave by diving at us. In Faroese they are called skúgvur and in English great skua.

This time we found the nest. Just look at this cute little one hiding in the grass

And one more – a little bigger and with feathers.

We followed the sheep paths and it was not always easy. Here we are getting close to the beach.

You are always welcome to visit on Flickr to see more pictures or just larger versions of the pictures on this blog.

December Hike

Following many days of storm and rain we finally had some light. This is close to 3 pm, so the sun is about to set and it is snowing over the ocean.

We were not the only ones in the mountains today.

Hare tracks I think?