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Two Magical Hours in Tórshavn

The total solar eclipse was at 9.42 am, and Skansin in Tórshavn was the perfect place to be. It was cloudy, but the clouds parted just at the right moment when the moon covered the sun. Pure magic.

Here everybody is just hoping for the clouds to part so we can get a clear view of the sun.
9.13 am


The ferry Norrøna is in the harbour in the background.
9.23 am

I was much to caught up in the experience to get anything useful on my camera during the two minutes of darkness, but I think it was genious of Hamferð to shoot this live music video during the eclipse.

The sun is returning and the clouds have parted
9.57 am

10.07 am

Skansin was a good choice. Seems to bee cloudy in the background.

And then I just love this video of how chickens react to the eclipse.





Not Much Snow in Tórshavn

But if you go for a little drive, you will find plenty of snow. We went to see how the weather was in the mountains.
All these people had had the same idea and had brought sleds with them. Now why didn’t we think of that?

The sun is almost coming through the clouds. It is Koltur on the right. If you follow the road further ahead, you get to Noðradalur.


Really nice to get out of town and get some light.


Meet Gandálvur

I think it is time you meet the new member of our household. His name is Gandálvur which means magic elf. He is named after Gandalf the Grey in Tolkien’s The Hobbit.


He loves to help me with my knitting, and he adores new wool. He especially likes all the nice yarn balls I have placed in a basket in my livingroom.


Here he is showing his approval of the blue scarf I knitted. I think it looks great on him.


Scarf in Fisherman’s Rib

Mix Sirri with Kitten Mohair in this soft blue scarf.
Fisherman’s rib takes a bit longer to knit, but it is worth it.
The finished scarf measures 24X180 cm.

Yarn: 150 gram 2-ply Sirri C16 and 100 gram Kitten Mohair from Sandnes Garn nr 5836.

Needle size: 8 mm

CO 25 sts using both yarns. Knit the first two and the last two sts of every row.
Work in firsherman’s rib for 180 cm. This tutorial shows how I prefere to knit the fisherman’s rib.
Cast off.

blue scarf in fisherman's rib

Blue Scarf


Holiday and a Blue Scarf

For the next two weeks I am on holiday. Any orders sent to Faroe Knitting during this period will be processed the second week of September

I have started a new project, a blue scarf in Sirri 2-ply and Kitten Mohair. If anyone wants to knit along, I have 25 sts on 8 mm needles. Every row begins and ends with K2, and the rest of the row is fisherman’s rib, so it is very easy, and the mohair gives it a nice look and softness.

I had two balls of Kitten Mohair from Sandnes in my stash (colour 5836) which I have mixed with the colour closest to it in Sirri (C16) I hope this will be enough for a good long scarf.

After Swimming

After swimming in Faroe Islands you need your woolen underwear, so here is a free pattern for a vest to keep you warm.

Size: Small (Medium) and Large-X-Large
150 g 2 ply undyed yarn from Snældan.
Circular needle size 5 mm and crochet hook size 5 mm.

Abbreviations: knit = K, purl = P, stitches = sts, continue = cont


Cast on 100 (120) 140 stitches on circular needles and knit in the round. Work 55 (60) 65 cm ribbing K2, P2.

Cast off 4 sts, work in rib 46 (56) 66 sts, cast off 4 sts, work in rib 46 (56) 66 sts.
Now you have the front, the back and two armholes.


Work 6 cm rib.
Work 16 sts as they show in rib. Cast off for neck  14 (24) 34 sts, work in rib 16 sts. Finish each shoulder separately. On the third row cast off 1 more stitch towards the neck. When the armhole is 20 cm place the sts on a stitch holder.  Finish the other shoulder in the same way.


Work 18 cm rib.
Finish each shoulder separately like you did on the front.

From the wrong side knit the shoulders together using the three needle bind off method.

Crochet around the neck. Sew in the ends.

Now you are ready for a cold swim!

Getting ready for Saint Olav’s Festival

The Saint Olav’s Festival is on Monday and Tuesday next week.
We are trying to get ready, and the days when you had your national dress when you were 14 years old, and then had it for the rest of your life, are over. I am sewing a new skirt for my daughter now, a blue one. She owns a red skirt already. The blue will look great with the black blouse she had made two years ago. People are debating whether it should be allowed to change the appearance of the national costume, especially the women’s clothing, the colour, the length of the skirt, if it should be worn without the scarf and apron. The bonnet has for many years been used only as an accessory hanging from the belt.
So it is always exciting to see what the young girls are wearing for the festival.


Usually when you visit Saksun it’s all about the valley, the church and the old farm. However, on our trip to Saksun, we instead went for a hike about 10 km to Svartá, Magnusarrók and Lógvin.
This was a hike arranged by Visit Tórshavn, The Hiking Association. Almost every Sunday all year round there are hikes.
We went by bus to Saksun, and in this picture we have just left the village.

Very, very steep. I think this must be Lógvin

And again those angry birds where trying to make us leave by diving at us. In Faroese they are called skúgvur and in English great skua.

This time we found the nest. Just look at this cute little one hiding in the grass

And one more – a little bigger and with feathers.

We followed the sheep paths and it was not always easy. Here we are getting close to the beach.

You are always welcome to visit on Flickr to see more pictures or just larger versions of the pictures on this blog.

A Flower and a Bird

We saw hundreds and hundreds of beautiful spotted orchids when we started our hike from the village Kaldbak on Streymoy.

This great skua was trying hard to scare us away, so its nest must have been near by.

Nólsoy looks so different from up here.