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Double Yarn Hat


Get ready for the winter with this easy knitted hat in double yarn.
An easy pattern for a one skein project. All you have to know is cast on, knit, purl and how to knit 2 stitches together through the back loops.

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Scarf in Fisherman’s Rib

Mix Sirri with Kitten Mohair in this soft blue scarf. Free pattern.

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After Swimming

The winter swimmer needs her woolen underwear.
Free pattern.

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Blue Scarf and Hat

Try out this easy free pattern and knit it in your favorite colour
I used almost exactly 50 g Sirri 2-ply for the hat and 150 g for the scarf.

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Protection for my Kindle

Free pattern.
A cosy for when I carry my Kindle around in my bag.
All 5 greys in 3-ply Snældan have been used.
The pattern is inspired by a Faroese pattern used for the woman’s blouse in the national costume.

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Flowers in the Round

Woman’s sweater in 5-ply Snældan yarn.
Sizes: S (M) L
Price. 35.00 DKK
About $5.72 or €4.70

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Cat Face Mittens

Adorable kitten mittens in bright colours. The mittens are inspired by an old Faroese pattern called Kettunøsin (the cat nose).
Prize. 20.00 DKK
About $2.12 or €2.68

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Purple Sweater

Free pattern.
This sweater is guaranteed to be the teenagers favorite. The pattern is a very simple bottom-up raglan with a negative ease, and best of all – not many ends to sew in, when you are finished.
I used exactly 300 g 3-ply Sirri for the size small, so if you want it just a little longer, you need 400 g.

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Long Faroese Sweater

Free pattern for Faroese sweater.
The stranded work in 3-ply yarn through the whole sweater is sure to keep you warm.
I used white and light gray un-dyed Sirri yarn. The sweater also looks great in other natural colours.

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Christmas Decoration

How to make a red and golden heart and find use for some of your left over yarn.

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