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Basic pattern for baby vest

Baby vest

Basic pattern for baby vest

Size: Newborn
30 g 1 ply un-dyed yarn from Sirri or Snældan.
Circular needle size 3 mm and crochet hook size 3 mm
1 button

Abbreviations: knit = K, purl = P, stitches = sts, continue = cont


Cast on 100 stitches on circular needles and knit in the round. Work 20 cm
ribbing K2, P2. Using stitch markers, now split the work up to 50 sts
(back), 25 sts (front, left) and 25 sts (front, right).

Back (50 sts)

K6 first and last on row to make garter edges, work K2, P2 rib in between
the garter edges. Work 8 cm in this fashion. Rest the first 12 sts, and cast
off 26 sts (for neck). Work 12 sts in K and ribbing for next 2 rows and then
rest these sts. Work the 12 first stitches in garter and rib for next 2 rows
and then rest these sts.

Front right (25 sts)

K the first 6 sts (armhole) now work 16 sts rib (K2, P2) and K3 sts
(middle). Turn and knit 4 cm in rows as follows to shape neck line:
Cast off for neck on every other row 4 times, 7-3-2-1 stitches. You now have
12 stitches left for the shoulder. Work in garter and rib until it has the
same length as the back.

Front left (25 sts)

Mirror front right or:
K the first 3 sts (middle) then work 16 sts in rib (K2, P2) and K6 sts
(armhole). Cont in this fashion for 4 cm and cast off for the neck on every
other row (7-3-2-1 sts). You now have 12 stitches left. Work in garter and
rib until it has the same length as the back.

Knit shoulders together using three needle cast off. Sew away ends neatly.

Crochet around the neck and chain a little buttonhole. Sew in the ends and
sew on a button.

Hand wash the baby vest before use as the wool can be dirty. This will also
make the yarn felt slightly as well as making it stronger and softer.

Baby vest

7 comments to Basic pattern for baby vest

  1. kATE says:

    hi – my daughter is in 9 month size clothing. how do i adjust? i’m new to knitting.

  2. Hanne says:

    You add more stitches. Try 120 or 130.
    Or you use 2-ply yarn and bigger needles. Then you just have to knit the body and armholes longer.

  3. Lillian says:

    Saved as a favorite, I like your web site!

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  4. Maggle says:

    I love this vest! Do you have a similar suggestion for cotton which would be worn next to the skin?

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