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Faroese Knitting Book

Bundnar Søgur is a new knitting book by mother and daughter: Marjun Biskopstø and Svanhild Strøm.
I have started this project, a Beinta Cardigan, in four colours. Only I use burgundy instead of yellow, and then, of course, I use Sirri wool instead of Sandnes, since my house is full of Sirri yarn.
 Beinta Cardigan
They have used traditional knitting charts as inspiration for modern garments. You find sweaters for both men, women and children, and there are also patterns for hats and the special Faroese indoor shoes: skóleistar.
I have written before about the collection of old Faroese knitting charts, which you can find in the book “Føroysk bindingarmynstur” by Hans Marius Debes, and all the patterns in this new book are inspired by them.

It was published in 2016, is available in three language versions: Faroese, Danish and Norwegian, and all the photos are taken in the Faroese nature.

Faroese title is: Bundnar søgur.
Danish: Færøsk strikkebog.
Norwegian: Færøysk strikkebok

6 comments to Faroese Knitting Book

  1. Isabel says:

    Thank you for this post. It seems a lovely book! Hopefully it will be translated into English soon.

  2. olof wahlberg says:

    Var köper jag boken (på norska)

  3. Clare O’Reilly says:

    I just borrowed the book, English version, from my local,library and plan to purchase it now that I have had a chance to see all,the beautiful patterns. I will recommend it to others.

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