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Do you wash your yarn before knitting?

Many of my knitting friends always wash their yarn before knitting, to make sure the finished object will not change in shape after knitting it.

Yesterday I placed 4 hanks in a mesh bag, the one I usually use for my bras, and popped it in the washing machine on the wool programme using a special soap for wool. Don’t use your ordinary detergent with enzymes, as the wool will get ruined.

Here they are, 4 hanks of dark grey Snældan Skipstroyggjutógv, almost dry. I will not wind them into balls until I am sure they are totally dry.

Snældan Skipstroyggjutógv


One comment to Do you wash your yarn before knitting?

  1. Maggie Gean, USA says:

    I don’t wash commercial yarns, store bought, but I did wash my hand spun yarns when I owned sheep and was spinning my own wool, often would spin ‘in the grease’ but when I had washed wool, I needed to set the twist in the yarns before using. I would wash yarns from something I unraveled to recover that yarn, would just feel it would work up better and be cleaner handling it. But socks I knit go everywhere and are not clean by the time I am done, no matter what yarn or care– they get washed before I wear them, sons are responsible for socks once off my needles, ends worked in and tossed in their direction.