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Two Popular Faroese Knitting Books

215 Shawl Designs by Olivia Joensen was sold out for years, but now it’s back!
It has  written instructions for the Faroese shawl in three languages: Faroese, English and Danish. Also instructions for how to line the shawl, and a fine schematic drawing of the shawl.
As the title says there are 215 charts for different borders.
Buy the shawl book from the old bookstore in Tórshavn here.

215 Shawl Designs

Føroysk bindingarmynstur. This is a collection of more than one hundred traditional Faroese knitting charts.
The first edition of this book was published in 1932. I have the 4th edition from 2008, and you can still buy it from the old bookstore in Tórshavn here.

Føroysk bindingarmynstur


2 comments to Two Popular Faroese Knitting Books

  1. Ursula Mayr says:

    Tried to order a book yesterday, not sure it went through

    • Hanne says:

      You ordered it from the old bookstore in Tórshavn. Send them a mail at hnj@hnj.fo
      Their webshop looks like they send to all countries, but maybe I am mistaken.
      Then I will just have to get the books for my own webshop ;)

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