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Fall Cleaning

The last skeins of the three fall colours in 3-ply are now for sale in the shop at 55 DKK per skein. This is a last chance offer since they are out of production and I only have a few left.


C22 Autumn Green.
C24 Curry.
C25 Burnt Orange.
Find them in the shop.

All of the Snældan yarns in natural colours are now 50 DKK per skein, and the coloured are 30 DKK per skein.

Shipping is flat rate of  65 DKK to Europe and 150 DKK to America, Africa, Asia and Pacific. And remember sales over or equal to 1,000 DKK will receive free shipping.

Take a look at this amazing red mushroom I found in the plantation here in Tórshavn. It looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Red Mushroom