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Getting ready for Saint Olav’s Festival

The Saint Olav’s Festival is on Monday and Tuesday next week.
We are trying to get ready, and the days when you had your national dress when you were 14 years old, and then had it for the rest of your life, are over. I am sewing a new skirt for my daughter now, a blue one. She owns a red skirt already. The blue will look great with the black blouse she had made two years ago. People are debating whether it should be allowed to change the appearance of the national costume, especially the women’s clothing, the colour, the length of the skirt, if it should be worn without the scarf and apron. The bonnet has for many years been used only as an accessory hanging from the belt.
So it is always exciting to see what the young girls are wearing for the festival.

4 comments to Getting ready for Saint Olav’s Festival

  1. Isabel says:

    These are wonderful pictures of yoour hike and the weather seems to have been good too. I`m sure your daughter will look lovely in her blue outfit. Enjoy the festival!

  2. Laura says:

    I have been dealing with the same issues with our Danish costumes. Being Canadians who try to represent Denmark with traditional costumes is confusing, and the worry is about being inaccurate. It’s very hard finding patterns.

    My whole family (husband and daughters) dance with a Scandinavian dance group in Manitoba. My husband was wanting a suit jacket for his costume, and the mens Faroese jackets are very nice.

  3. Hanne says:

    Making a Danish costume can’t be easy. The costume even change from area to area in Denmark.
    The national costume is used very much here, and I think a reason for this is, that the young girls are not afraid to make the dress their own design.