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Usually when you visit Saksun it’s all about the valley, the church and the old farm. However, on our trip to Saksun, we instead went for a hike about 10 km to Svartá, Magnusarrók and Lógvin.
This was a hike arranged by Visit Tórshavn, The Hiking Association. Almost every Sunday all year round there are hikes.
We went by bus to Saksun, and in this picture we have just left the village.

Very, very steep. I think this must be Lógvin

And again those angry birds where trying to make us leave by diving at us. In Faroese they are called skúgvur and in English great skua.

This time we found the nest. Just look at this cute little one hiding in the grass

And one more – a little bigger and with feathers.

We followed the sheep paths and it was not always easy. Here we are getting close to the beach.

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