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Adventures in Pizzo

We lived Via Canale in the old city. Here’s the view from our balcony just as the sun is setting.

When we talked about going for a hike in the mountains, we were warned to watch out for wild boars, but of course we went. We were not quite sure if we should take the warning seriously, though. It was beautiful, and the dirt road was totally deserted except from us. We met one car, but no wild boars.

When we were almost back in town again we almost stumbled over a black snake that scared us half to death. This snake also proved to us that Marie can climb a 2 m high fence in a few seconds.

When I was ready to take a photo of the snake it had disappeared, but home safe I googled black snake and southern Italy and voila, there it was. The Western Whip Snake. Take a look if you dare.

Our favorite ice cream guy told us the snake wasn’t dangerous, quite a relief.

They really know how to make ice cream in Pizzo. My favorite Pizzo ice cream is the volcano, Vulcanetto. It was served with a little fire in the middle.

Back at our beach, it looked like a ship had lost its cargo of blue condoms in the water, which were now being washed up on the shore. They turned out to be innocent jellyfish, so next day when there weren’t so many in the water we went back to swim.

And of course we made the mistake of ordering coffee and were totally shocked when the waiter placed four espressos in front of us. Later, trying to learn from our mistake, we ordered four big coffees, but just got four very big espressos. It did taste good though, especially with lots of added sugar. If we wanted boring coffee like the one at home, we should have ordered our coffee  Americano.

Since it was Easter there were processions all over Pizzo.

The music was fantastic, and so were all the children dressed as angels.

Our last adventure was when we, after having visited the beautiful Piedigrotta cave church, decided to drive in the funny moped taxi all the way to the town just south of Pizzo, Vibo Marina.

After having spent some hours on Vibo Marina’s beach, we thought it would be nice to walk home along the beach to Pizzo, about four km. It would have been easy if it had been sand beach all the way, but it turned out to be quite challenging with big rocks, so we had to jump and climb most of the way.

For the last days we just relaxed on the beach, which we had almost to ourselves since the locals found it too cold. And we ate more delicious seafood, pizza and ice cream.

The roads in old Pizzo are enough to keep you fit, if you walk from via Canale to the beach once or twice every day.

More photos from Pizzo in this Flickr album.



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  1. Isabel Goegebeur says:

    Lovely pictures… Italy is beautiful! I love the little angels.