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Which colour would match best with Teal C8?

This very difficult question I received in my mail today, and I know it’s very difficult to match colours when you just have photos to look at.
So now I am asking all of you, when picking two colours ,which colour  would you choose with Teal?
I have some photos to help, taken in daylight by my window, no artificial light. I know  they look different on different computers, and the best way to match colours is, if you can watch them in real life in daylight, but let us give it a try.
Teal C8 is placed in the middle on every photo.

3 – C8 – C4


6 – C8 – C5

10 – C8 – C9

13 – C8 – C12

16 – C8 – C7

C18 – C8 – C15

4 comments to Which colour would match best with Teal C8?

  1. Isabel Goegebeur says:

    My favourites are pictures 3 and then 5.

  2. Nisse says:

    My favourite is C16 – C8 – C7, but I like the green colour combination as well; C6 – C8 – C5.

  3. metta says:

    Hei Hanne!

    Number1 C6 – C8 – C5
    Number 2. C16 – C8 – C7

  4. Susan says:

    1st choice C-6 C-8 C-5
    2nd choice C-10 C-9 C-9