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Finally Finished

Finally finished my Christmas troll. Does this only exist in the Faroe Islands? Your Christmas troll or “jólatrøll” is the knitting project you were supposed to have finished in time for Christmas, but didn’t. It is said that in the older days your Christmas trolls were hung over the fireplace, so everybody could see your shame – hopefully just for fun.
Well here is my Christmas troll. It is a very traditional man’s jumper with a zipper instead of the usual buttons on the left shoulder. I blame the zipper for this becoming a Christmas troll. But now it’s finished and if you think it looks a bit big, it’s because I’m wearing it.

This is actually the jumper I wrote about in a former post. I steeked it using the crochet method. It went absolutely fine, but I think it got a bit too lumpy where i sewed in the sleeves. When I knitted the sleeves I ended with a few rounds of purl. I used this to fold over the edge to make a better finish on the wrong side, but maybe it wasn’t necessary.
Sorry about the quality of the photo, it was taken with my PC.
I used 3-ply snældan grey colour 4 and needles size 5 mm.

4 comments to Finally Finished

  1. Charon Coonfield says:

    Looks nice! I steeked my first sweater this autumn….scary to make the cuts. I like the idea of a zipper.

    • Hanne says:

      Thank you :)
      It is always a bit scary to cut . I have started on a cardigan now, where I will use the same method.

  2. Christine says:

    We don’t have the term “Christmas Troll” in the UK, but definitely have the unfinished knitting project!

    I’ve just completed a toy reindeer using my Faroes wool I bought for my Snowflake jumper and also a stuffed panda. It turns out his legs are on back to front where I misread the instructions but my daughter loves it :)