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The Winner

Today I finished the shawl. Yes, most of you guessed right, I was knitting a Faroese shawl.

16 comments came in, so I wrote the numbers 1 to 16 on a paper, cut them out and placed them in a small bowl. Mixed well, covered my eyes and pulled… nr. 3.

Congratulations to Janicke Leckang, you have won the yarn.

Please, send your address to hanne@faroeknitting.com.

And here is the shawl. I will have to knit one more very soon while I still remember how to do it. I used the pattern in the book 215 Shawl Designs by Olivia Joensen. It has the basic shawl pattern in Faroese, Danish and English, but the book is sold out. We are so lucky as to have two copies at the library where I work.

At this point point in the process I almost gave up. there are so many stitches and I kept making mistakes in the lace pattern. Here I am trying to get an overview by using two circular needles.
The yarn is Sirri 2-ply, and the colour is C2

3 comments to The Winner

  1. Jordin says:

    It looks incredible! congratulations Janicke Leckang!

  2. So happy to win this! :)

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