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Trying to Strike a Pose like Sarah Lund

This sweater is knitted using Sirri 3-ply Dark Brown and Light Brown on needles size 8. It’s a size medium so there are 105 stitches for the body and 30 for the sleeves.
To add extra length there are 13 rows (instead of 10) of the main colour between the rows with stars and hour glasses. 


11 comments to Trying to Strike a Pose like Sarah Lund

  1. Nuala says:

    It’s just beautiful! I like the extra length, I’ll do the same next time. It looks denser than the one I made on 7 + 8mm needles which was quite open and loose. Did you double up the yarn or perhaps I am just a loose knitter!

  2. Amrit says:

    It is beautiful! Can you please tell me how I can buy or find the pattern for this sweater? I found the pattern for the stars and hourglasses but what is the pattern for the full sweater?
    Thank you so much. Amrit from Amsterdam

  3. LINN says:

    is it possible to buy your recipe for your (Sarah Lund sweater ?


  4. sue says:

    Hi, I love the sweater. I’m not a knitter, so I need lots of help, is it possible to use a normal plain raglan pattern and then introduce the motifs? If I use the Pattern in the Killing Handbook, will it be ok with the sirri wool rather than the merino stated in that pattern?
    Any advice would be welcome.

  5. fiona says:

    Please can you clarify when you mention size 8 needles do you mean 8mm or UK 8 or US8? I have ordered 8mm but they are only really suitable for very chunky wool and 3ply sirri is very thin wool. Maybe I’ve misunderstood the instuctions. can anyone help because I’ve spent alot of money on sirri yarn?

  6. Ingrid says:

    Hi, I love the look of this jumper, please can you tell me where you get the pattern for it, as I have been searching but all the patterns out there use different wools, needle sizes and different stitch numbers from those you mention in this post. I would like to buy the yarn and get started but obviously I’m not going to spend a lot of money on yarn if I don’t know where to find the pattern.
    Looking forward to your reply :-)

  7. veronica platts says:


    I bought Sirri 3 ply yarn to knit myself a stocking stitch winter-weight raglan sweater while on holiday in UK and brought it back home to Canada. My only problem is trying to find a pattern to use it with. I tried using the bell Rock Raglan Sweater from Ravelry’s site but it is working out to be far too big – there are 92 stitches on the back and the front for my size – medium. I have not knitted for years and never anything complicated. Do you know where I can find a simple raglan, stocking stitch pattern for sirri 3 ply yarn.

    Many thanks,


  8. Sussan says:

    Hi, can you please tell me where I can find the pattern for the Sarah Lund jumper? Thank you :-)