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Two Patterns for Faroese Shawls

Folk Shawls: 25 knitting patterns and tales from around the world (Folk Knitting series) by Cheryl Oberle.

This book has two Faroese shawl patterns, a small shawl and a big one, which are named after the two islands Líttla (little) Dímun and Stóra (big) Dímun.
In the book there is also a tale of how the Faroe Islands got their name, which I have never heard of before. It goes “Norwegian sailors sailed past the islands and saw creatures flying in the mist. They thought they were fairies, and therefore the name, Faroe Islands.”
The Faroese name for Faroe Islands is Føroyar, where the last part “oyar” means islands. First part “Før” is said to originate from the old Norse word fæ/fae, which means cattle or small cattle. This should be due to all the sheep everywhere, brought to the islands by the first settlers, Irish monks in the 6th century.
But anyways, if you are looking for a a pattern in English for a Faroese shawl, this book is an option.

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