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December Photos

An old waggon with firewood in Bringsnagøta, the Christmas Street in Tórshavn.

Inside the old shop Katrina Christiansen in Bringsnagøta. This is from the kitchen with two old stoves.

An old cash register.

More snow in the Christmas Street

Two girls sledding on their stomachs in garbage bags. You just cut some holes in a big bag, and you are ready to go sledding.

The old rectory in Sandágerði. The hospital priest lives here with his family.

And the last picture of today: Two women going for a dip in the cold water. The best tip against winter depression in this very dark time of year. The photo was taken at 10.30 am.

3 comments to December Photos

  1. Gail DeMoss says:

    Is there a United States distributor of Sirri?

  2. xtiand says:

    A dip in freezing cold water is “the best tip against winter depression” – brrr I’m not sure if I could cope with that the very thought is quite depressing. The other photos are wonderful though, I love the grey-blue house with the lights round the windows and the picture of the two wee girls sliding down the hill-that looks much more like a cure for depression!

    • Hanne says:

      Oops, forgot to answer this one, sorry.
      You sound exactly like me two years ago, so don’t ever start, or there is the possibilty that you will get addicted like some of us.
      Thank you for the nice comments on my photos :)