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Bringsnagøta is getting ready for Christmas

Bringsnagøta in the old part of Tórshavn has been decorated for Christmas in old style, and the old shops in the street are open every day.
As if planned, it started snowing on the 1st day of December.

This house is Pæsastova, one of the oldest houses in Tórshavn.

Reyngøta, taken from Bringsnagøta.

Sheep in Bringsnagøta. They are part of the Christmas street experience, so they are only here in December.

Bartskerstova with the old shop Katrina Christiansen in Bringsnagøta. The house where the author William Heinesen was born in 1900.

This is how it looks in the dark – very romantic. And someone actually live in this very small wooden house.



One comment to Bringsnagøta is getting ready for Christmas

  1. janet says:

    I would so love to live in that little house and knit all winter