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What is on our needles?

What is on our needles right now, someone might ask and to answer that question I have gathered the projects we are working on right now.

My daughter saw a Fair Isle scarf from Tommy Hilfiger, and went right ahead and tried knitting her own version. This is what it looks like so far.

All the colours are from Sirri except the yellow one, which is from Snældan.

She’s not using the light brown yarn. It was just lying there in the basket.

Here is one of my own projects. A top in 1-ply Snældan. I thought it would be extremely warm, but it actually doesn’t feel that different from a cotton top.
I have tried it on, but I still think it needs a border around the armholes and neck, so I am currently awaiting a brilliant idea for a border to hit me.

The ribbing is twisting slightly. It often does that when you knit in 1-ply.

The last project will probably take some time to finish. It’s a bedspread in Granny Squares. I love Granny squares. You can start them, put them away, forget about them, and then find them again and continue where you left off.

My Granny Squares are crocheted using Sirri 2-ply colour and white. My plan right now is to make half of the squares white in the centre with two coloured rounds, and the other half coloured in the centre and with two white rounds. I might change my mind later, though.

5 comments to What is on our needles?

  1. Lisa Risager says:

    That scarf is lovely! Oh, the colours… and that goes for the granny squares too.

  2. Elly says:

    Oh pretty WIPS :) If the vest is *not* for wearing under a jumper (although, here in the Faroes, I think it must be :D ) how about a frilly ribbed edging, like this? http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/alice-top

    Or a simple crochet edging is always nice :)

    • Hanne says:

      Thanks :)
      Oohh, I like this edging, and I would like to try a knitted edging instead of my usual choice – the crocheted

  3. siuline says:

    the best yarns in the world!!!