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Tórshavn in Fog

The sun was shining beatifully this morning, but then suddenly everything was covered in fog.

Luckily, todays work included a trip by car over the mountain, and as soon as we got outside Tórshavn the sun was back, and we could look down on the capital which looked like it was wrapped in  cotton.

This is a very common weather phenomena in Tórshavn during the summer time. In Faroese it’s called “pollamjørki”.

And this is where todays trip was taking us: Mjørkadalur with a view over Kaldbaksfjørður.

3 comments to Tórshavn in Fog

  1. hannah says:

    is the star pattern for sarah lund’s sweater in
    forbrydelsen available

    • Hanne says:

      I don’t have the pattern for the Sarah Lund sweater, but if you look under Free Stuff, the patterns for sweaters there can be used

  2. Maureen says:

    On the north-east coast of Scotland we call the same phenomenen “haar”. You can guarantee that if it’s a gorgeous day then the fog will be rolling in off the sea by teatime :-)

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