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The Faroese National Dress

The best thing about Saint Olav’s Festival is that everybody is dressed in their best clothes, and if you own national clothes you wear them on this day.

I met those three beautiful girls on the first day of the festival, Saint Olav’s Eve on the 28th of July.

The blouse is hand knitted on needles 2½ mm after old traditional patterns.

Here is a close up to show the silver. As you can tell it is not so simple to get dressed for the woman. It often includes a lot of safety pins. The brooch holds the shawl in place.

A family all wearing the Faroese national costume, including the little boy in the stroller in his Faroese hat.
Note all the silver buttons for the man’s clothes.

They are on their way to downtown Tórshavn on Saint Olav’s Day 29th of July.

And the last photo is of a very cute 2 year old girl in her Faroese national dress.