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Double Yarn Hat

An easy pattern for a one skein project. All you have to know is cast on, knit, purl and how to knit 2 stitches together through the back loops.


Yarn: 100 gram 5-ply Snældan (Yardage is about 150 cm)

Rabbit fur pom-pom.

Circular needle size 6 mm.

One size. Height 20 cm. Circumference 48 cm.

Gauge: 11 sts in rib, k1p1 = 10 cm.

Abbreviations: knit = K, purl = P, stitches = sts, continue = cont, knit 2 stitches together through the back loops = k2togtbl.

CO 48 sts using double 5-ply Snældan. Join in the round.

K1p1 for 9 rounds.
Knit 2 rounds.
Purl 2 rounds.
Repeat those 4 rounds 4 more times.
Knit one round.

Decrease like this:

K6, k2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.
K5, k2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.
K4, k2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.
K3, k2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.
K2, k2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.
K1, k2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.
K2tg tbl, cont til the end of the round.

Cut the yarn leaving a tail long enough to sew it well. Pull the tail through the remaining 6 sts and pull it through to the wrong side.
Sew in the ends well.

Sew the rabbit fur pom-pom to the top of the hat.

Home again from Wales

I am home again from my mini holiday in Wales with good friends.
It was a hiking trip, and we had a lovely hike in the area of the Waterfall Park.

We stayed in the Clyngwyn Bunkhouse in Pontneddfechan, which was perfect as a base for our walks.
Autumn was just starting, so the colours where changing. Our second day was very wet, so my hiking boots were still a bit damp, when I got home. I better polish them with some leather fat before my next rainy hike.




Faroese Knitting Book

Bundnar Søgur is a new knitting book by mother and daughter: Marjun Biskopstø and Svanhild Strøm.
I have started this project, a Beinta Cardigan, in four colours. Only I use burgundy instead of yellow, and then, of course, I use Sirri wool instead of Sandnes, since my house is full of Sirri yarn.
 Beinta Cardigan
They have used traditional knitting charts as inspiration for modern garments. You find sweaters for both men, women and children, and there are also patterns for hats and the special Faroese indoor shoes: skóleistar.
I have written before about the collection of old Faroese knitting charts, which you can find in the book “Føroysk bindingarmynstur” by Hans Marius Debes, and all the patterns in this new book are inspired by them.

It was published in 2016, is available in three language versions: Faroese, Danish and Norwegian, and all the photos are taken in the Faroese nature.

Faroese title is: Bundnar søgur.
Danish: Færøsk strikkebog.
Norwegian: Færøysk strikkebok

Yellow Lichens

One of my plans for future projects is to dye my own yarn. I have never tried it before, but I know you can dye with lichen, so when I saw this stone I couldn’t help wondering which colour the yarn would get, if you used the lichen for dye.


Has anyone tried to dye with lichen? Which colour did you get? Is it very tricky? Please let me know :)

I suspect it is much easier to dye with plants, but one thing is for sure: It is very practical that the yarns from Snældan and Sirri are in hanks if you want to experiment with dyeing.

This is the area where i found the stones in the northern end of the island Nólsoy.

Northern end of the island Nólsoy

This is what Nólsoy looked like from Tórshavn this morning, when the sun was rising.
I have bought a house in Nólsoy, so very soon Faroe Knitting will move to this very special place.
If you are following me on instagram and have been wondering, why I am in Nólsoy most of the time, this is why :)

Nólsoy in sunrise

One more from Nólsoy a summerday in July.




Do you wash your yarn before knitting?

Many of my knitting friends always wash their yarn before knitting, to make sure the finished object will not change in shape after knitting it.

Yesterday I placed 4 hanks in a mesh bag, the one I usually use for my bras, and popped it in the washing machine on the wool programme using a special soap for wool. Don’t use your ordinary detergent with enzymes, as the wool will get ruined.

Here they are, 4 hanks of dark grey Snældan Skipstroyggjutógv, almost dry. I will not wind them into balls until I am sure they are totally dry.

Snældan Skipstroyggjutógv


Visiting Puffin Land on Mykines

We spent the day on Mykines, the best island for puffin watching.
Not far from Mykines village, you meet the first puffins.

View of the village.

And here comes the fun part. It’s pretty steep, so don’t go if you are afraid of hights.


All the holes are puffin’s nests, and the puffins are everywhere. It’s called Lundaland, which I would translate to Puffin Land, but the dictionary says: Lundaland: [(steep) grass-grown area facing the sea which puffins inhabit; nesting site].

To get to Mykineshólmur where the lighthouse (our goal) is situated, you have to cross the Atlantic Bridge.



And we have reached the lighthouse.


Resting. Notice the puffins :-)

Back in the village, there is plenty of time before the boat comes back, so here is a view from the other side.

And more puffins, just because they are adorable.

Lots of information about Mykines on this site: Mykines.info.
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A Few Photos from the Knitting Festival

The Knitting Festival took place in Fuglafjørður and, as you can see, it was very snowy and cold.


Faroese boats from the Boat Museum in Fuglafjørður.
Faroese Boats

I attended a workshop where we cut our own t-shirt yarn and knitted lampshades.
DIY t-shirt yarn

T-shirt Yarn

No pattern, you just stretch it well and start over if it’s too big or too small.
Knitting a Lampshade

Home again I am trying to finish the lampshade. Gandalf seems to think it’s for him.

And here is the finished result. I can’t wait to see it with light inside.
Knitted Lampshade

Snowy Hike

Photos from today’s hike from Vestmanna to Kvívík.


Sun, snow and calm, what more can you ask for?


Hare tracks in the snow.

Hare tracks in the snow

This hike was arranged by The Hiking Association in Tórshavn, where I am a member.

Every other Sunday in the winter months, and every Sunday in the summer, they arrange tours around the islands.


And now I feel tired and happy.


Maybe I should knit something.