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Holiday in Italy

For the next two weeks I am on holiday. Any orders sent to Faroe Knitting during this period will be processed during the last week of April.

I am going to Pizzo in southern Italy with friends, so maybe some pictures from there will turn up on the blog later. This picture was taken in Denmark some years ago and the boy in it is a big teenager today.


Which colour would match best with Teal C8?

This very difficult question I received in my mail today, and I know it’s very difficult to match colours when you just have photos to look at.
So now I am asking all of you, when picking two colours ,which colour  would you choose with Teal?
I have some photos to help, taken in daylight by my window, no artificial light. I know  they look different on different computers, and the best way to match colours is, if you can watch them in real life in daylight, but let us give it a try.
Teal C8 is placed in the middle on every photo.

3 – C8 – C4


6 – C8 – C5

10 – C8 – C9

13 – C8 – C12

16 – C8 – C7

C18 – C8 – C15

Sewing the Traditional Waistcoat

Here in March I am attending evening classes in how to sew the traditional waistcoat for men. This one is  for my son. His grandmother embroidered the fabric, and this is what it looks like, when it’s ready. From this piece I will cut the two fronts, the collar and the pockets.

Ready to cut. The fabric has been folded, so the embroidered patterns are placed exactly over one another.

And then you cut. Deeply concentrated.
Marjun in the photo is making a children’s waistcoat size 12-14 years.

Phew, so far so good.

Finished all the cutting, also the lining. On top here is the collar and the pocket.

Next step is to place the pocket, sew it on and cut a hole for it. This is probably the most difficult part of the whole waistcoat. The photo shows front and back after the cut.

Made it :) The pocket isn’t big. It only holds your watch or your keys, but it is a very important part of the waistcoat.

14 days to the next class but I have homework. I will try to get the collar ready.


Almost finished the knitting part

The pattern for this sweater is from the book Knitting with Icelandic Wool. It is called Æði.

Instead of the yarn in the pattern, I use Sirri  3-ply Blue C16, White and Light Gray.
I am knitting size XS on needles 8 mm, since it has 109 stitches, and I know this should fit me (Size M) in Sirri yarn. And then size L for the length of sleeves and body.

Finally Finished

Finally finished my Christmas troll. Does this only exist in the Faroe Islands? Your Christmas troll or “jólatrøll” is the knitting project you were supposed to have finished in time for Christmas, but didn’t. It is said that in the older days your Christmas trolls were hung over the fireplace, so everybody could see your shame – hopefully just for fun.
Well here is my Christmas troll. It is a very traditional man’s jumper with a zipper instead of the usual buttons on the left shoulder. I blame the zipper for this becoming a Christmas troll. But now it’s finished and if you think it looks a bit big, it’s because I’m wearing it.

This is actually the jumper I wrote about in a former post. I steeked it using the crochet method. It went absolutely fine, but I think it got a bit too lumpy where i sewed in the sleeves. When I knitted the sleeves I ended with a few rounds of purl. I used this to fold over the edge to make a better finish on the wrong side, but maybe it wasn’t necessary.
Sorry about the quality of the photo, it was taken with my PC.
I used 3-ply snældan grey colour 4 and needles size 5 mm.

December Hike

Following many days of storm and rain we finally had some light. This is close to 3 pm, so the sun is about to set and it is snowing over the ocean.

We were not the only ones in the mountains today.

Hare tracks I think?

Steeking using the Chrochet Method

I am going to steek a jumper using the chrochet method. If it’s a total disaster you will probably not hear more of it.

This video shows the method I am going to use: Free Video Tip: Steeking with Ragga Eiríksdóttir

My first try… a little test before I start to cut and chrochet in the actual jumper.
Ready to cut.

And it worked. Pretty amazing :)

Next step is to chrochet and cut in this jumper. Nerve wrecking.